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The School of Molecular Biosciences Postdoctoral Association recently expanded to the College of Veterinary Medicine Postdoctoral Association (CVMPA). The CVMPA aims to support postdoctoral fellows in all aspects of their professional training and career development. The CVMPA will represent the interests of the postdoctoral scholars to the department, College of Veterinary Medicine and the University at large. The CVMPA will strive to promote interaction among postdoctoral scholars to exchange research ideas and expertise, provide feedback to improve professional skills and network both within and outside of WSU. This will be accomplished through hosting events such as research talks, grant review panels, invited speakers and social gatherings.


All postdoctoral scholars in the College of Veterinary Medicine are eligible for membership in the CVMPA. Here a postdoctoral scholar is defined as “a person who has recently earned a Ph.D., M.D., D.V.M. or equivalent doctoral degree and performs academic research full-time under the supervision of a member of the faculty in the Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine. The position is meant to provide additional research and or scholarly training in preparation for a position in academia, industry, or government.” Membership in the CVMPA is automatic upon joining the College of Veterinary Medicine and all postdoctoral scholars are encouraged to attend CVMPA meetings and events.

The efforts of the Association are based entirely on the interests and commitment of individual postdocs volunteering time and enthusiasm in the organization of and participation in our events.

General questions can be addressed to:

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