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Zoo, Exotics and Wildlife Club (ZEW)

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Zoo, Exotics and Wildlife Club

We are a club for vet students interested in zoo, exotics, and/or wildlife medicine. We hope to offer students the opportunity to learn about ZEW medicine and get some hands-on experience.

Activities throughout the school year may include stand-alone events as well as:

  • Reptile/Amphibian Week
  • Fish Week
  • Bird Week
  • Pocket Pet Week

These themed weeks will often include lunch lectures, movie night, necropsy, discussions and/or live animal handling labs.

ZEW Club also organizes a trip during the first weekend of Spring Break to a nearby city to visit zoos, aquarium and other animal facilities. These trips rotate between Boise (2015), Seattle (2016), and Portland (2017).

WSU CVM ZEW Club partners with the equivalent club at Oregon State University to host a weekend Symposium in the spring every other year. OSU hosted in April of 2015, and WSU is hosting on April 15-17th 2016.

The Symposium is open to all students and community members. Details about the symposium can be found in the following pdf. Register at the link below.

Washington State University