Cougar Orientation and Leadership Experience


Friday, August 10th 

Logan students attend a site-specific orientation in Logan, Utah.

Sunday, August 12th 

Logan students leave Logan together via bus to go to Ross Point.

Monday, August 13th

Bozeman students leave Bozeman together and drive directly to Ross Point.

Pullman students check in at the Pullman campus, attend on-site orientation lectures, then leave together via bus for Ross Point.

Tuesday, August 14th

All students participate in orientation activities at Ross Point.

Wednesday, August 15th

All students participate in orientation activities at Ross Point and return to Pullman in the evening. Logan and Bozeman students will have lodging provided for them in Pullman.

Thursday, August 16th

All students participate in orientation activities in Pullman from morning to mid-afternoon. All students and their families are welcome to attend a welcome lunch (time TBA) on the lawn in front of Bustad Hall.

All students arrive at the SEL Event Center (student arrival time TBA) to prepare for the White Coat Ceremony (professional attire). The White Coat Ceremony begins at 6:00pm. Guests are invited and encouraged to attend. Hors d'oeuvres will be served both before and after the ceremony.

Logan students depart by bus after the ceremony to return to Logan.

Friday, August 17th

Bozeman students return to Bozeman.

Pullman students may attend optional workshops (one on finances in veterinary school and one on relationships in veterinary school). 

Monday August 20th

All students start first day of classes.

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