Symposium: Improving Learning Environments


Workshop 1:

Optimizing Learning Environments: Creating Vision and Actionable Plans (2 hrs)

  • Articulate a vision for an optimal learning environment in your setting
  • Select a strategy to enhance the learning for everyone in your setting
  • Develop a plan to implement the strategy with timeline, resources and stakeholders

Workshop 2:

Beyond Bias: Countering microaggressions and stereotype threat in the learning environment. This is a workshop that addresses bias and is part of our UCSF inclusive leadership workshop.

  • Understand privilege and effects of privilege
  • Identify unconscious biases and manage them in self and others
  • Recognize and respond to microaggressions to promote an inclusive learning environment

Workshop 3:

Did you really mean to say that? Debriefing after a professionalism lapse: Tips for teachers (again from UCSF diversity and inclusion workshops)

  • Discuss the range of behaviors that constitute a lapse in professionalism
  • Identify the potential causes of a professionalism lapse
  • Demonstrate a six-step process to address professionalism lapses after the behavior occurred

Workshop 4:

Is it Hot in Here? Creating a Positive Learning Climate in My Teaching (2 hrs)

  • Define learning climate
  • Describe how teachers create a positive or negative learning climate
  • Practice key strategies for creating a positive learning climate

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