Entrepreneur's Workshop



Tuesday, May 15, 2018


8:30 AM           Welcome

  • Bryan Slinker, Dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine
  • Scott Maloney, MBA 


9:00 AM           A Day in the Life 

The Company: Industry and academia have different but complimentary goals.  These differing goals lead to other differences that permeate the whole of their organizations.  Here the panel will explore those differences from research outcomes and goals, to thoughts on resources, focuses of research, and more.  We will leave this section with a thorough and insightful survey of how biotech and pharma companies function differently than academic labs.

  • Moderator: Leen Kawas, PhD
  • Panel:
    • Kevin Church, PhD
    • Brent Yamamoto, PhD
    • Shane Needham, PhD
    • Albert Tsui, JD

10:30 AM         Individual Development Plan Activity and Discussion

An exercise in to assist employees in career and personal development.

  • Steve Simasko, PhD
  • Kay Brothers, PhD


11:00 AM         Lunch

                        Veterinary Biomedical Research (VBR) Building 3rdFloor Atrium


12:10 PM         Keynote by Sam Blackman, MD, PhD 

                        Science Forum VBR 305

“Sea Change: Navigating the Waters from Bench to Bedside in Cancer Drug Development in the Age of Immunotherapy”


1:30 PM           Preparing Yourself for Employment 

The Individual: The scientists furthering discovery are as diverse as their research.  That said there are patterns and tools of the trade that we all use. Here the panel will dive deep on how science is done in industry and the differences of that from academia.  With a lens towards the scientists themselves, we will bring to light the characteristics and skills that one should develop to make the transition from academia to industry as a researcher.

  • Moderator: Scott Maloney, MBA
  • Panel:
    • Asa Brown, JD 
    • Norman Ong, PhD 
    • Wendy Ortman, MS
    • Joanna Rzepka, PhD


3:00 PM           Bringing it All Together

Having explored the company and the scientists within, this panel will discuss the holistic world of a researcher in industry.  From tips and tricks, to successful career paths, to having an impact for your company, this section will serve to codify our work from today and provide actionable insights to thriving in industry.

  • Moderator: Ron Moser, MAOM, PCC
  • Panel:
    • Sam Blackman, MD, PhD
    • Leen Kawas, PhD
    • Don Knowles, PhD
    • Scott Maloney, MBA 
    • Shane Needham, PhD
    • Gwen Mallory, MS

4:30 PM           Reception CUB 2ndFloor Foyer



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