Counseling & Wellness

Services Offered


Everybody can use
some wellness!

Having our team embedded within the College of Veterinary Medicine means that we understand your unique situation.

Individual Services

Focused on preventative care and wellness
  • Individual counseling
  • Couples counseling
  • Life Coaching
  • Psychology of Eating Coaching
  • Staff and faculty Consultation
  • Assistance with accommodations
  • Student advocate
  • Crisis intervention and referrals

Professional Skills & Practicums

  • Content expert
  • Healer’s Art facilitator
  • Course director
  • Senior Paper advisor
  • Club Advisor

Leadership and Collaboration

  • AAVMCs Veterinary Mental Health Practitioner board member
  • Washington State University’s Mental Health Collaborative
  • Consults with AVMA Wellness Director regarding wellness initiatives
  • Vetmed curriculum involvement
  •   WSU WellCoug Advisory Committee
  •   Collaborates with WSU campus departments and programs

Presentation Request

  • Are you a faculty member looking for a guest lecturer for a class?
  • Do you need a guest speaker for club or group event?

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Cougar Orientation Leadership Experience (COLE)

an off-site experience

  • Focused on preventative care and wellness
  • Mentor Training
  • Collaborate with staff/faculty
  • Create curriculum
  • Off-site programming


  • SAVMA Wellness Week
  • Open House
  • Spring Break Check-In
  • Content specific workshops


  • Broad Spectrum/VOICE club
  • Student Wellness Club
  • Human Animal Bond Club
  • Euthanasia Competency Skills Month

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