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VM 526 – Domestic and Exotic Animal Behavior

The focus of this course will be on the medical relevance of behavior, more specifically behaviors that can cause diseases, and diseases that can lead to behavioral disorders in domestic and exotic animals. Behavior problems (e.g.: aggression, separation anxiety, and destructive behaviors) currently are the number one cause of euthanasia in pets. In this course, you will learn how to identify these challenges, understand the causes of such behaviors, and address them in an effective manner. We will give you the evidence-based tools that can be applied in your veterinary practice, so you can help your future patients and clients overcome behavior issues. Understanding behavior helps strengthen the human-animal bond, promoting a harmonious interaction between human and non-human animals.

VM 505 – Reverence for Life

This is a new one-credit collaborative research seminar between Washington State University and Colorado State University for students interested in the field of human-animal interaction research. The course is designed to help students explore various topics and current research related to human-animal interactions. The seminar will include lectures by various faculty, online threaded discussions, and a capstone project.

Human Animal Interaction

We are excited to announce a new online course entitled Human-Animal Interaction: What we know and what the future holds through Washington State University’s Global Campus. This is a self-paced interdisciplinary noncredit course designed for anyone wanting to learn more about this field and includes modules taught by faculty from WSU, as well as other universities.

For more information go to http://skills.wsu.edu/hai/Home.aspx

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