Member Outreach

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Shelter Training Program (STP)

This program is a partnership between the Behavior Service and the Whitman County Humane Society, where the students have an opportunity to learn how to make assessments at a shelter environment, as well as train animals on basic commands and manners so they become more adoptable. Students attending this program learn:
1. Positive reinforcement and negative punishment
2. How to clicker train, developing training abilities
3. How to assess dog and feline behaviors

Volunteer petting dog.

Pups Parading the Palouse Dog Walk

A social dog-walking group organized by WSU veterinary students and under the supervision of Dr. Leticia Fanucchi. Our mission is to provide a community for dogs and people to work together to socialize, exercise and represent a responsible human-dog relationship. We are accepting and supportive of all dog breeds and personalities, as well as behavioral "issues" and sociability.

Community Outreach (pups parading the palouse)

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