Development & Alumni Relations

  • On the left, Norm, as college student, and on the right, a current photo of Norm and Marlene.

    Norm and Marlene Rantanen
    The longest donors: giving back for 45 years!
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  • Horse undergoing procedure

    Giving Hope
    When you support cancer care at the WSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital, you give hope to those who love their animals.
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  • The Paul G. Allen Center for Global Animal Health

    The Paul G. Allen Center for Global Animal Health
    Alumni visit the Allen Center
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The Veterinary Development and Alumni Relations (VDAR) office provides an essential link between the College of Veterinary Medicine, alumni, and friends of the college.

Our office coordinates college fund raising and development efforts, encourages corporate partnerships, and keeps alumni and other friends connected to the college.

Established in 1899, Washington State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine is proud of its distinguished past and is among the oldest veterinary colleges in the United States. Since the first class of graduates over 110 years ago, alumni of the college have assumed leadership roles in industry, government, and their individual communities. Our graduates have played a key part in the economic and social development of the Pacific Northwest and worldwide.

In our digital Advance newsletter, you can read we are doing at the college to improve the health of animals, people and our planet. Published four times a year, Advance will keep you up to date on the most pressing issues facing the college.

From training the best students in veterinary medicine to offering the best care to patients at our teaching hospital, or from advances in disease research such as Parkinson’s or prostate cancer to better understanding sleep and obesity, and from understanding the spread of antibiotic resistance to giving dogs rabies vaccinations that can also help save a child’s life, we advance healthy animals, healthy people, and a healthy planet every day.




To learn more about the WSU College of Veterinary Medicine, please see our college-wide brochure.

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