Fall 2022 Ambassador Spotlight

Student Ambassadors in the College of Veterinary Medicine play a crucial role in promoting our programs, research, and the care we provide.

Arielle Gomez-Ramirez

Arielle, a second-year veterinary student at Washington State University, is interested in small animal medicine and shelter medicine. Originally from Washington State, she pursued a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science before applying to the WIMU Regional program. As a veterinary student, she is a member of the Shelter Medicine and Ag Animal clubs. She was recently appointed the new SAVMA store assistant manager and holds a position in the clinical pathology lab in the Veterinary Teaching Hospital. When she graduates in 2025, Arielle plans to work in a small animal general practice in southern California before eventually returning to Washington state. In her spare time, Arielle enjoys spending time with her husband and dog exploring the Palouse.

Emma Potter

Emma is a second-year Arizona WICHE veterinary student at Washington State University, interested in small animal and companion animal exotic medicine. Disregarding her initial interest in veterinary medicine due to a client who thought their Chihuahua was just “big boned,” Emma pursued a degree in Chemistry at the University of Arizona. However, upon observing an orthopedic surgery on her own family dog, her curiosity for the field of veterinary medicine reignited, so she also obtained a degree in Veterinary Science. Her interest in exotics began with her internship at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, and with her own beloved pet California Kingsnake, Santiago el Rey. Now at WSU as a veterinary student, Emma volunteers in the exotic animal ward at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital and is a team leader for the Wildlife Triage program. She is also the Vice President of the Class of 2025 Student Council, and the WSVMA student representative. Fortunately, the Chihuahua incident has been overcome and replaced with a significant enjoyment for doctor-client interactions. As such, upon graduation in 2025, Emma hopes to work at a small animal general practice that includes exotic clientele, possibly post-specialization in reptile and amphibian medicine.

Anila Tynan

Anila, a second-year veterinary student at Washington State University, specializes in zoo animal medicine. Originally from Arizona, she solidified her resolve to pursue this area of veterinary medicine after working with the veterinary team at the Phoenix Zoo in high school. She went on to get her bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience from the University of Virginia before applying to the WSU veterinary program. As a WSU veterinary student, she is involved in the Wildlife Triage Team and Foal Team, volunteers in the exotics department at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital, and is a member of ZEW club. When she graduates in 2025, Anila plans to pursue board certification in zoo animal medicine and ultimately work at a world class zoo. In her spare time, she enjoys getting coffee at Roost, skiing, and collecting houseplants.