DC for Clients and Facilitators


How to be a DC Client:

Having covered many of the logistical considerations in the previous training module (Expectations & Structure) we are now ready to discuss Role Playing—a.k.a. the FUN part!!

"One of the things I've enjoyed most in my many years of being a Diagnostic Challenge client has been the opportunity to role play." ~Veteran DC Client

This module is designed to equip you with the following:
  • An introductory knowledge of the "5 Principles for Role Playing"
  • A sample Client Case Scenario to acquaint you with the format & prepare you to interpret your own
  • A video example of an actual interview with students

"...As you become familiar with the exercise and gain confidence you should not be afraid to expand your character and create a “new you” based on the case and your facilitator’s suggestions." ~Veteran DC Client

Client Toolbox:

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