DC for Clients and Facilitators

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Each clinic will have 15 minutes for the formal presentation plus 4-5 minutes for questions.

The clinics are expected to make good use of audiovisual aids. The facilitator will provide the images that pertain to the case.

Presentation outline: (additional detail can be found on the student website)

  • Begin with Case Summary (allow 5-10 minutes)
  • Review the condition/disease, including the pathophysiology
  • The Learning Issues
  • Final bill statement to the client


The intention of the handout is to be a supplement form that would be used in a Continuing Education (CE) case presentation that would be given to colleagues in a practice or at a local conference. It is a take away from the PowerPoint presentation and disease - NOT a recap of the presentation.


  • Limited to 1 sheet of paper duplexed
  • Figures can be used, but take less than 25% of space in the entire handout
  • The handout should be written primarily in NARRATIVE form (NOT outline form).
  • Content:
    • Should contain basic information on signalment, presenting complaints and problems (not to exceed 5 sentences) - captures the key findings/problems in the case and, if appropriate, any critical DfDx's
    • A review of the condition you diagnosed with an emphasis on pathophysiology, common problems, diagnosis, and treatment plan.
    • Pertinent information on any public health aspects of the case
    • A list of 2-3 key quality references.

Medical Record:

Final Medical Record will be submitted to the facilitator during the clinic's schedule Grand Round presentation

The Medical Record should be complete, organized, and free of extraneous paper. All final documentation that brings the case to closure should be included in the folder.

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