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Facilitator Evaluation: Instructions and Online Form

evaluation form

Just a reminder, please beware of SCORE INFLATION on your DC1 evaluations.

In general the DC1 scores are and probably SHOULD BE lower than DC2. Please be constructive and try to give the students specific goals/areas of improvement to work on in DC2. There probably shouldn't be any perfect or near perfect scores for DC1.

We help students best by identifying areas where they can improve, not by just patting them on the back. DC2 is a place where we should expect to see better performances and that is facilitated by providing constructive criticism and specific input in DC1.

Whatever you do, please use the Exceeds Expectations sparingly. If students are truly exceeding expectations on very many categories, especially on the first DC, I would argue that our expectations are not very high. We want to set the bar high so that they might truly excel in the future.

Check List of NEEDED material to complete evaluation:

  • Your client's evaluation of the clinic.  

    • If you don't have it, just assume that the students received ALL the client points and proceed.  We can deduct points later if necessary, but students usually get all the client evaluation points.

  • The DC Presentation Evaluation Form you filled out for each of your clinics during DC Grand Rounds.

  • A completed SOAP rubric if you completed one for your students' POMR - to be attached to the rest of the evaluation

  • The final medical record from each clinic, including their presentation handout and literature search.

  • +/- The student's Peer Evaluations of each other – from Rachel Halsey

NOTE:  You may not have the peer evaluations yet, so just proceed on the assumption that students will receive all 5 peer points.  In other words, just enter 5 points in your evaluation.  We will deduct these points if we learn of a problem later.  It is ideal of course, to be able to look through the peer comments before the DC Group meets to debrief so you can discuss any identified problems.

We will try to make sure we have DC evaluations from ALL the students in your groups. If we're missing any, we may ask you to email the offending student and request he/she turn one in ASAP. Threaten them if necessary – a completed evaluation is required.

How to Enter Scores: Read before starting evaluation

Please try to provide some specific comments in each category (as much as you can manage) – things that might be helpful in the future. Our students are hungry for specific feedback.

After you mark the boxes and write some comments, give a score in each category (see below). The total facilitator + client points = 45, plus 5 points from peers = 50 points total. 

  1. THE PROCESS:  25 points  Problem-oriented approach, case management + POMR

  2. TEACHING EFFECTIVENESS:   10 points   Grand Rounds presentation and DC handout

    • If you filled out a DC Presentation Evaluation during DC Grand Rounds, either hand them to Jeff or Rachel or scan them and email it to Rachel Halsey.  

  3. CLIENT COMMUNICATION: 5 points - For now, assume student will receive all 5 points.

    • Enter a score based on the client's evaluation form if you have it.  Otherwise, proceed by initially assuming the students will receive all the points and enter 5.



  5. PEER EVALUTION: 5 points - For now, assume student will receive all 5 points.   Contribution to the team and ability to work as part of a team.  

    • Generally students receive all 5 points.  So you can proceed by just entering 5 and figuring this will be correct.  If we learn of a problem later, we will just deduct the points from any individual student who was did not meet the expectations of you can print off a single evaluation for the entire clinic.

    • If you have the peer evaluations and see that > 50% of the clinic members rate a student as Needs Improvement or Unsatisfactory, you should talk with Steve and your co-facilitator. Typically it's all or none (5 or 0) points, but this is subject to further thought and discussion.

    • If a student in the clinic is receiving fewer points than his/her team mates, print off a separate evaluation for this student and leave the student's name off the group form.

TOTAL SCORE: We will automatically add up your scores.

Once you have completed the online form, please email Rachel Halsey that the evaluation is complete.  The DC is worth 50 points total.

Our goal is to return ALL evaluations on the same day at <10 working days after the end of the exercise. 

Facilitator Evaluation Form and Instructions:

  • The DC Evaluation Forms will be emailed to you. 
  • Once you start the form, you will need to complete it – be sure that you are prepared to complete the evaluation.
  • If the "Comments" box is not an adequate size, please send Rachel a word document with additional comments, and it will be attached to the final document.  So, please feel free to write in depth about any impressions, thoughts, or concerns.
  • After you have submitted your evaluation, please email Rachel Halsey.
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