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Diagnostic Challenge: Facilitator

Put your DC case back together and place the record, radiographs, etc. in the Rachel's Office (Bustad 441) for safe keeping and future use. 

If you were paired with an out-of-town facilitator, you’ll probably have to take care of some of what comes next for our guest. Hopefully, they’ve left the case in such a way that it’s not too difficult for you.

Update and Organize your case to be used again.

The goal is to leave the record so that it looks and works like you would like to receive it if you were facilitating the case NEXT TIME.

Please do not just leave the case materials on Rachel or Steve’s desk.

    Electronic Record:

    1. FIRST – Be sure that you and your co-facilitator case material is ALL stored in the shared folder (DCInstructorsOnly folder, under Case and Case Materials), is organized and updated before you go. This would include all essential data, including images and “Notes for next time”.
    2. THEN -We need to load all material on to a flash drive containing everything stored on the shared folder. The flash drive is a critical part of the case record and should be appropriately updated so that the next facilitator might easily copy and paste, or print or modify – as needed. Be sure to save copies of all images you used. Consider saving copies of the student’s PowerPoint presentations especially if they included some useful images.
    3. Again, all material NEEDS to be placed in the shared case folder in the DCInstructorsOnly folder, If you let Jeff or Rachel know, they can save these materials to the flash drive later - but you NEED to let them know.

    Facilitator Comments - "Notes for Next Time": This is HUGE!

      Please take a few minutes to prepare and print some thoughtful "Notes for next time". These are comments for whoever facilitates the case next time. The comments should include how the case worked, any problems that arose, and your suggestions for modification (if any). 

      1. This can be done using the DC Case Folder  Overview Document

      Put a hard copy at the front of the record and save the document to the case flash drive. These notes can make a real difference when the case is used again. Be sure to make note of anything that is missing or otherwise needed for the case.

    Organize the case record for NEXT TIME:

      Consider how you'd like to find the case if you were the next one to facilitate it - especially if you had not facilitated it before and were unfamiliar. Ideally, the next facilitator should be able to take the case out and run it with minimal additional work, other than perhaps addressing a few problems identified in the last facilitator’s notes.

    Case Materials: Make sure all the "Props" (radiographs, glass slides, etc.) are present and accounted for. If you are missing anything, you will need to track it down with the students in your groups.

    The Students’ DC Material Records:

      Organize at least one student record, staple it in both upper corners, and include it in the case record. It is often very handy to review previous DC records when you're facilitating a case. You can probably discard the remaining student records once you’ve extracted any case data/materials that will be useful or needed next time.

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