DC for Clients and Facilitators

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The DC appointment schedule forms provide a way for facilitators, clients and students to schedule time together during DC week.
This form will be posted on your door each afternoon during the week.

Each DC clinic first meets with their facilitator & client the morning of Day1, starting about 9 am. The interviews are staggered to allow time for new facilitators/clients to observe the experienced pairs. This is when the students get the initial history and physical exam findings on their case.

After that first meeting and throughout the week, each DC Clinic Team can then sign up for additional time with their client using the client's appointment schedule.

Appointment schedule examples:
General Schedules

The students will use these meeting to get more information, update their client on the animal's condition/test results, and discuss their ideas, treatment options, and working diagnoses.

  • Appointment schedules will be placed on the door of your assigned space either the evening before or in the morning so your clinic teams can sign up for open times. If necessary, you can also block off timeswhen you won't be available.
  • There is a separate sign-up sheet for each day.
  • Encourage each of the groups to sign up early so both the client and the students know when the meetings are scheduled.
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