Animal Health & Food Security Policy

Global Animal Health and Food Security Policy

Next Program : June 19- 23, 2017  Washington DC.

At the Intersection of Environment, Animal Agriculture, and Food Security 

Topic: Climate Change and Livestock - the Science, Politics, and Beliefs and how they may affect food security. 

Date: June 19through June 23 2015
Program begins at 8 AM on June 19 and finishes at 10:30 AM on June 23. 

This Washington D.C.-based program is focused on intergovernmental and global activities associated with climate change and livestock systems and global food security. D.C. is home to many intergovernmental regional and main offices including the World Bank, FAO, International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), Inter-American Development Bank, and Pan American Health Organization. There is also active engagement of public and private U.S. based organizations in global issues which includes USDA, environmental groups, and livestock groups, and USAID. As a group, participants will work towards an understanding of the policies of different globally engaged organizations on global climate change and how they impact livestock and food security with a focus on strategies that will include research, mitigation, adaptation, support (financial or in-kind) of public and private institutions, and related economics.

The program takes place in downtown Washington DC and its near suburbs. We will walk, take the DC Metro, or taxi as appropriate. All meetings take place at offices of the people and organizations involved in the program. Wear appropriate business attire and walking shoes. Washington DC is prone to weather changes so expect and be prepared for warm weather and rain and hope for spring weather and sunny days.

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