Animal Health & Food Security Policy

Global Animal Health and Food Security Policy

At the Intersection of Environment, Animal Agriculture, and Food Security

Topic: Climate Change and Livestock - the Science, Politics, and Beliefs and how they may affect food security. 

Date: June 15 through June 19, 2015


FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) 

The FAO, a United Nations organization has a central mission to achieve global food security. One branch of the organization is the Animal Production and Health Division. The mission of the division is to help member countries take advantage of livestock resources to achieve Millennium Development Goals.

An important report developed by the FAO in 2006 is "Livestock's Long Shadow, Environmental Issues and Options". THIS REPORT WILL SERVE AS THE CORE ISSUE PAPER FOR THIS PROGRAM. It is a long report so please take the time to be familiar with its contents and at minimum read and understand the Executive Summary and Chapters 6-7. Local Copy of Livestock's Long Shadow

As you read the report please take note of who authored the report, what data were used to construct the report, and if the report's conclusion align with the FAO and the Animal Production Division missions.

If you have questions please contact Bill Sischo
Washington State University