Animal Health & Food Security Policy

Global Animal Health and Food Security Policy

At the Intersection of Environment, Animal Agriculture, and Food Security 

Topic: Climate Change and Livestock - the Science, Politics, and Beliefs and how they may affect food security. 

Date: June 15 through June 19, 2015


IFPRI (International Food Policy Research Institute) 


IFPRI is part of a global research network supported by CGIAR (Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research). CGIAR is a public and private partnership to support food security research. The primary mission of IFPRI is aligned with the UN Millennium Development Goals to achieve a “World free of hunger and malnutrition”. The specific mission of IFPRI is to "To achieve sustainable food security and reduce poverty in developing countries through scientific research and research-related activities in the fields of agriculture, livestock, forestry, fisheries, policy, and natural resources management."

IFPRI has a significant portfolio addressing climate change. This web site will direct you to their monograph "Food Security, Farming, and Climate Change to 2050". This is a modeling paper and does not directly address livestock but it does lay out a possible scenario for food security in 2050 as impacted by climate change. Please take the time to read the Issue Brief associated with the monograph and if you have time the monograph.

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