Animal Health & Food Security Policy

Global Animal Health and Food Security Policy

At the Intersection of Environment, Animal Agriculture, and Food Security 

Topic: Climate Change and Livestock - the Science, Politics, and Beliefs and how they may affect food security. 

Date: June 15 through June 19, 2015

The World Bank - Climate Change

"Climate change is expected to hit developing countries the hardest. Its effects-higher temperatures, changes in precipitation patterns, rising sea levels, and more frequent weather-related disasters-pose risks for agriculture, food, and water supplies. At stake are recent gains in the fight against poverty, hunger and disease, and the lives and livelihoods of billions of people in developing countries"

The World Bank (and its partners) has a broad portfolio on climate change. We will focus on two aspects: the investments in livestock and food security and investments in human health. To prepare for this visit you should be familiar with the World Bank and its mission and in particular the Climate Investment Funds.

If you have questions please contact Bill Sischo
Washington State University