Clinical Simulation Center

  • ClinicalSimulationCenterBoardofDirectors

    Clinical Simulation Center Board of Directors
    (front, l-r) Linda Martin, DVM; Dr. Julie Cary, DVM and lab director; Lethea Russell, LVT (back, l-r) Lynne Nelson, DVM; Rachel Jensen, LVT; Tandi Ngwenyama, DVM; Robert Keegan, DVM; Matt Mickas, DVM

  • ClinicalSimulationCenterTeachingAssistants2017-18

    Clinical Simulation Center Teaching Assistants 2017-18
    Front row L to R: Sierra Crisp (c/o 2020), Dakotah Kidd (c/o 2020), Adriana Alire (c/o 2020), Allison Hale (c/o 2020), Breanna Cantrell (c/o 2021) Middle row L to R: Minas Mkhitarian (c/o 2021), Sam Seramur (c/o 2020), Sarah Kwon (c/o 2021), Allani Delis (c/o 2020) Back row L to R: John Hanlon (c/o 2021, Sarah Myers (c/o 2021), Nathan Cherzan (c/o 2020)

Our Team

Julie Cary

Julie Cary

Associate Professor

Director, Simulation Based Education
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Lethea Russell

Lethea Russell


Clinical Simulation Center

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Participating Faculty

Dr. Andy Allen, agriculture animal disease investigation

Dr. Cynthia Faux, disaster management and large animal applied anatomy

Dr. Linda Martin, small animal emergency medicine and critical care

Dr. Matt Mickas, shelter medicine

Dr. Lane Wallett, disaster management and large animal applied anatomy

Dr. John Wenz, agriculture animal disease investigation

Washington State University