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Faculty Development Workshops #8


Dr. Holly Bender

The Research-Based Flipped Classroom: Team-Based Learning: A Teaching and Learning Workshop

May 19-20, 2014

Holly Bender, DVM, PhD, DACVP - 

Associate Director, Center for Excellence in Learning & Teaching; Director, Preparing Future Faculty Program at Iowa Holly Bender SmilingState University College of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Holly Bender is a veterinary clinical pathologist who creates tools and methods to improve higher education, especially in the areas of diagnostic skills and problem solving.  She has received 28 teaching awards and 10 teaching honors including those on the College, University, State and National level. She is dedicated to the improvement of medical education through scholarly research and software development and brings together experts from a wide range of disciplines including instructional design and evaluation, veterinary medical informatics, computer science and clinical pathology.

Team Based Learning (TBL) is a highly effective, research-based active learning method that has broad application.  It's been implemented in many disciplines worldwide, and is emerging as a method of choice in medical schools.  A primary advantage is that TBL can be implemented in large classrooms with fixed seats, and does not require multiple facilitators/instructors.

What TBL has provided:

  • Provides students with a more intimate, small class feel even in large theater-style settings.
  • Teachers report high levels of student attendance, preparation, participation and critical thinking.
  • Students report enjoying class and being more motivated and actively engaged.

Collaboration in teams provides students with valuable experience that is reflective of problem solving in real-life workplace environments.  Just like on the job, participants are expected to be responsible and prepared as individuals and then bring their best efforts into group activities. 

short video of some of Dr. Bender's Veterinary Students talking about their experience with TBL at ISU.

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Schedule of Events:

Location: Bustad 145

Monday (May 19th): Session #1 - TBL Nuts & Bolts

In this interactive session we will introduce all the basics of the TBL classroom including team formation, readiness assessment, the appeals process, peer evaluation and application exercises

10 am - noon Introduction to TBL and creation of teams

12 pm - Lunch

1:00 - 4:00 pm - Nuts and bolts of TBL and backward design

Tuesday (May 20th): Session #2 - Creating Meaningful Application Exercises

Participants will have the opportunity to design and optimize application exercises for their own courses through the workshop process.

10:00 am - noon: Optimize your application exercise in teams

12:00 pm - Lunch Discussion: The Diagnostic Pathfinder and ThinkSpace: Case based, open source tools to help students learn the diagnostic process - Location: Bustad 145

Please join us to learn about the Diagnostic Pathfinder (dP), created by Holly Bender's research team to help veterinary students learn how to make a diagnosis through analysis of laboratory data. Formal research demonstrated highly significant learning gains in multiple institutions using the dP. The dP has been used by 25 universities in the US, Canada, South America, Europe and Australia. The dP was recently re-engineered into an open source program called ThinkSpace, now used in multiple veterinary disciplines such as internal medicine, anatomic pathology, toxicology, microbiology and parasitology, as well as non-veterinary disciplines such as engineering, animal science, education, math, physics, business, English, horticulture, dietetics and journalism.

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