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Invited Guest Speakers

Dr. Diane Ebert-May

Integrated Program in Biomedical Science and the CVM Teaching Academy Presents:

August 15, 2018

Diane Ebert-MayDr. Ebert-May is a plant ecologist who conducts research on alpine tundra vegetation and discipline-based biology education. Her research has involved more than 200 postdoctoral fellows and led to more than 50 publications that focus on teaching and learning in undergraduate biology.


Schedule of Events:

Wednesday (Sept 15th):
    10:10 - 11:00 am: Seminar - "Advancing Our Understanding of the Student-Centered Classroom and Science Practice-Based Instruction" 

      Description: The topic is the ‘science of teaching’. This session front loads the data and makes the case for sessions and conversations later in the day.

      Location: ADBF 1002


    12:10 - 2:10 pm: Workshop - "Renovated Teaching - What Is the Impact on Learning?" 

      Description: You are invited to join others who are interested and engaged in various stages of innovation and in class. Space is limited, working lunch provided.

      Location: BLS 402

      RSVP appreciated

    2:30 - 4:00 pm: Workshop - "From Teaching Assistant to Teaching Statement"    

      Description: Graduate students you are strongly encouraged to attend. We will spend time connecting your science to your teaching. You should leave this session with an outline for your teaching statement at least.

      Location: BLS 402

      RSVP appreciated

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