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Visiting Regional Teaching Academy Fellow: Dr. Kristy Dowers

Improving Our Teaching (and maybe getting promoted in the process!)

May 23-24, 2018
Dr. Kristy Dowers

Dr. Kristy Dowers from the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at Colorado State University, started her career as a software engineer, having graduated in 1988 from MIT with a degree in Cognitive Science. After working for several years for Hewlett-Packard’s Medical Division in Germany developing user-friendly software interfaces for critical care units, she returned to the US to complete her DVM degree at Colorado State University in 1997. She went on to complete a small animal internship and residency and was board certified in small animal internal medicine in 2002. Though her veterinary medicine interests include endocrinology and the urinary system, her main passion is teaching, specifically how to develop students’ clinical reasoning skills. She has introduced curricular components involving clinical reasoning and enjoys challenging herself and her students with innovative exercises to engage them in their own learning process. In 2016, she was awarded tenure on the basis of a strong teaching portfolio made possible by the Regional Teaching Academy’s External Review documents.

Schedule of Events:

    Wednesday (May 23rd):
    12:10 pm -  Teaching Tool Kit Series - Seminar: Teaching to the Generations

      Description: Most of us belong to the Baby Boomers or Generation Y and have certain learning preferences based on our generational experiences, which consequently, shapes how we teach and what we expect of our students. But force-fitting our educational preferences on Generation X and Z won’t work. This interactive seminar will take you through generational preferences and provide opportunities to brainstorm and share ideas with your peers for adapting your teaching to engage the new generation of students.

      Handout: Generations

      PowerPoint Generations

      Recorded Presentation

Location: ADBF 1002

    4:00 pm - Getting Tenure (and/or promoted) with a Teaching Emphasis

      Description: The traditional faculty position requires teaching, research, and service in relatively equal proportions, and tenure and promotion committees are accustomed to evaluating tenure packets accordingly. But what if your job description is skewed toward teaching? I faced this very predicament at Colorado State University. In this seminar/workshop, I will share the challenges I faced, provide examples of my own packet which utilized the RTA External Review documents, and the lessons I learned from the tenure and promotion process. For the remainder of the workshop, we’ll use your teaching material to demonstrate how to capture your achievements for T&P committees, so please bring material you’d like to work on!

      Handouts: Regional Teaching Academy External Review Documents - Teaching Portfolio/Educator's Reflective Documents

      PowerPoint T&P Presentation

      Recorded Presentation

      Location: ADBF 1002

Thursday (May 24th):
    12:10 pm -  Incorporating Clinical Reasoning into your Classroom and Curriculum

      Description: Veterinary students spend a good deal of their training learning facts about anatomy, physiology, diseases, and clinical presentations. Yet we expect them to transition from repositories of data to problem solvers overnight when they arrive on the clinic floor. At Colorado State University, we have begun introducing clinical reasoning theory and activities on Day 1 in hopes of accelerating that transformation. In this presentation, you’ll see some of the educational experiences we provide to develop students’ clinical reasoning skills. We’ll also discuss ways in which you are already doing the same in your classrooms, whether you’re teaching veterinary or STEM students, so be prepared to share your ideas.

      Handout: Handouts Clinical Reasoning Examples

      PowerPoint Clinical-Reasoning

      Recorded presentation

Location: ADBF 1002

Washington State University