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Visiting Regional Teaching Academy Fellow: Invited Guest Speakers


Dr. Martin Smith

CVM Teaching Academy:  Visiting Speaker / Educational Scholar

February 8-9, 2016

Dr. Martin Smith, MS, EdDDr. Martin Smith, EdD - is an Specialist in Cooperative Extension at University of California – Davis; School of Veterinary Medicine & College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

The over-arching goal of Dr. Smith's work is to develop, evaluate, and publish effective, research-based science curricula and educator professional development models for school-based and nonformal education programs. Specifically, Dr. Smith focuses on educational materials and strategies that emphasize constructivism, reflective practice, and situated learning. His current work focuses on applied research related to youth scientific literacy in the areas of bio-security and water science education.

Additionally, Dr. Smith is currently engaged in efforts to develop a theoretical basis for science education programming within California’s 4-H Youth Development Program, including: defining scientific literacy; defining curriculum; and implementation fidelity. His tenure at UC-Davis I have supervised 20 graduate fellows from science disciplines in education outreach work through the School of Education, have served on committees for graduate students (MS and PhD), and have mentored over 450 undergraduate students involved in a wide variety of research, development, and extension efforts.

Schedule of Events:
  • Monday (February 8):

    • 8 - 12 pm - Individual Meetings

      12:10 pm - Seminar: BECOMING A BETTER TEACHER: "Building your capacity as an educator by using evidence-based professional development strategies."

        Location: ADBF 2018/2020 - Lunch Seminar

        Description: Despite their widespread use, traditional approaches to the professional development of educators have been shown to be largely ineffective. In particular, methods like attending a teaching seminar typically do NOT foster meaningful changes. Dr. Smith will introduce and discuss the salient characteristics of reform approaches that are much more likely to produce long-term, sustainable change and improve outcomes. PowerPoint

      1:10 pm - Break-our session/small group discussion with Dr. Smith - ADBF 2020

      2:30 pm- - Break

      3:10 pm - Seminar “Evidence-based approach to developing courses / curricula.” 

        Location: Bustad 210

        Description: The development of a curriculum (or a course, or a course of study) should not be a random evolutionary process. Instead, a curriculum should be the result of thoughtful, deliberate efforts that utilize a systematic, evidence-based approach to the design process. It should take into account, and balance, several key factors. Dr. Smith will discuss what defines a “curriculum” and how deliberate, scientific approaches make a difference. PowerPoint

      4:10 pm - Break-our session/small group discussion with Dr. Smith - Bustad 210 or ADBF 2020

  • Tuesday (February 9):

    • 9 - 12 pm - Opportunities for small groups to meet with Dr. Smith - Bustad 110J

    Washington State University