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 Dr. Peter Conlon

A novel approach to training primary care veterinarians

September 18, 2014

Dr. Peter Conlon

Dr. Peter Conlon, BSc(Agr), MSc, DVM, PhD, MEd - graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College (OVC) in 1980, was in mixed animal practice for two years, returned to complete a PhD, and then joined the faculty, where he is now Professor in the Department of Biomedical Sciences. 

Dr. Conlon is Associate Dean, Students and responsible for DVM admissions, College awards, and student life.  In the DVM Program, he coordinates and teaches in the Art of Veterinary Medicine I course in first year. He is also the Director of the Hill’s Pet Nutrition Primary Healthcare Centre at the OVC. He is a past Chair of the AVMA Council on Education, and has served on the National Examining Board of the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association, and the Council of the College of Veterinarians of Ontario.

OVC has established a unique Primary Healthcare Centre (PHC) that is situated and operates separate from their teaching hospital.  The PHC is both a fully functional veterinary clinic, as well as an educational facility for all student veterinarians.  It’s a very novel approach and staffed by primary care clinicians (non-specialists).  The OVC provides students with some clinical experience and valuable knowledge starting in Year 1.   An important goal is to replicate small animal private practice primary care and provide OVC students with the experience of evaluating and treating problems that they will encounter the first day they enter practice.

The program is also an important part of their direct (real-time) assessment efforts and their communications teaching.

OVC Pet Plans

Schedule of Events:
  • Thursday (September 18th):

    • 8 - 9:00 am - Individual Meeting

      9:30 am -12 pm- Seminar: “An Overview of the Ontario Veterinary College and Companion Animal Primary Care Program ”

        Description:  A brief overview of the Ontario Veterinary College, followed by a discussion describing our companion animal primary care program based in the Hill’s Pet Nutrition Primary Healthcare Centre.  This will include the impetus for development of the program and an overview of the facility. Dr. Conlon will then expand on the primary care educational program (overview, experiential learning opportunities, communications learning, linkages with the didactic curriculum, outcomes assessment methods), the operation of the clinical service in the practice (overview, staffing, business considerations, makeup of the healthcare team, balancing educational and business drivers), and the current research program and research opportunities. Following the discussion, Dr. Conlon welcomes your questions and our discussions about an exciting area of veterinary education.

        Location: VTH 1408/1410

        Outline of discussion will include:

        1. 1. Brief overview of OVC
        2. 2. Hill's Pet Nutrition Primary Healthcare Centre
          • a. Impetus for development
          • b. Overview of the facility
          • c. Educational program
            • i. Overview
            • ii. Experiential learning opportunities
            • iii. Communications learning
            • iv. Linkages with the didactic curriculum
            • v. Outcomes assessment methods
          • d. Clinical service
            • i. Structure of the practice
            • ii. Staffing
            • iii. Business considerations
            • iv. Managing appointments
          • e. Research program
            • i. Current research areas
            • ii. Research opportunities
        3. 3. Questions and discussion

      1:00 - 5:00 pm - Individual Meetings

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