NAS Summer Institute

NAS Summer BannerNAS Summer Institute at Washington State University
May 18-21, 2015

WSU Provost’s Office and the WSU College of Veterinary Medicine Teaching Academy is proud to provide an opportunity to host the 2015 National Academies Summer Institute on the WSU Pullman campus for the second year.

The theme for the Summer Institutes is "scientific teaching." Participants learn practical strategies for enhancing student learning. The institutes model the scientific teaching principles of active learning, assessment, and diversity, which are integrated into all aspects of the week’s schedule. Activities include reflective writing, planning, reading, researching, discussing teaching methods and philosophy, interactive presentations, and developing teaching materials. By the end of an institute, participants will have observed, evaluated, and collected a portfolio of innovative teaching approaches and instructional materials that are ready to be adopted and adapted to their own teaching environments.

2014 WSU New Article: by Linda Weiford  "Pilot workshop about STEM teaching with a twist"

Goals and Expectations

Goals & Expectations:

The goal of the Summer Institutes for Undergraduate Education is to transform education at colleges & universities by improving classroom education & attracting more diverse students to research.


(scheduled breaks and meals are not shown)

May 18, Monday:

1:00 PM: Kickoff and Scientific Teaching

3:00 PM: How People Learn

5:00 PM: Reception

May 19, Tuesday:

8:00 AM: Assessment

10:00 AM: Active Learning

1:00-5:00 PM: Group Work

May 20, Wednesday:

8:00 AM: Diversity

10:00 AM: Scientific Teaching in Practice

1:00 PM: Group Work

3:00-5:00 PM: Groups Present on Teachable Tidbit

May 21, Thursday:

9:00 AM:Group Presentations

12:00-1:00 PM: Wrap up and Lunch

About the Summer Institutes

About the Summer Institutes

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NAS Registration

Registration - 2015 Workshop

There are 24 positions available for this year's institute.  If you are interested in applying for this summer's program, please fill out the application which will be due April 15th

Summer Institute People

Summer Institute Facilitators, Organizers, & Participants

Summer Institute's People that made this workshop happen!   



PowerPoints, handouts, and additional information from the 2014 workshop are here.

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