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The CVM Teaching Academy summer “book” club will meet again in summer 2016! This year‘s we will not use a book per se, but will instead explore a different weekly topic in educational instruction using a journal club format.

The "Book" Club format:

  • Our primary goal for this summer’s book club is to introduce and/or reinforce pedagogy and best practices in teaching and learning through meaningful peer interactions.
  • Practically, we hope that each week’s participants will come away with 1 or 2 take-home lessons they might apply to their own teaching.
  • Weekly topics and/or journal articles will be selected to provide timely, relevant, evidenced based support for educational ideas.
  • In 2016, we also hope to address more of the “early career” issues / questions that CVM junior faculty focus groups have raised.
  • Not time consuming!!! Just 8 weeks.

This year we will be meeting once a week:

  • Every Wednesday from 12:10-1 pm in ADBF 2018 (unless otherwise stated below)

The 2016 Summer "Book" Club selected readings:

    Selected journal articles and other resources that pertain to the topics can be found below.  

    All articles will be placed in Perusall.  This innovative platform allows participants to engage in a collaborative learning environment.  We will be experimenting with this to provide an opportunity tfor you to try a new learning technology.  Participation is encouraged using Perusall prior to attending the discussion or being able to give comments if unable to attend.     

    For FAQ on the instructor Help section, click here to learn more.  

    Perusall Access:

    • Go to Perusall Login -
    • Either create an account (if this is your first time) OR sign-in
    • Select the “Enter an Access Code” button at the top
    • Then enter HALSEY-1883

2016 Summer Journal Club Survey Results

2016 Summer Schedule:

All Discussions will be in ADBF 2018 (unless otherwise posted)

Group Leader
May 19, 2016
Steve Lampa
Lunch Organizational Meeting in ADBF 1002 at 12:10 pm to 1:00 pm
May 25
Steve Lampa
Learning theory (how learning works) – the essential role of FORGETTING in learning
May 31
Steve Hines
Using multiple choice questions as a learning tool – Elizabeth Bjork research
June 8
Phil Mixter
Newer methods of assessing teaching effectiveness
June 15
Olusola Adesope
Lecturing with PowerPoint – the effects of multiple redundant channels of transmission on learning.
June 22
Kira J. Carbonneau
Student Learning Styles – Do they exist? Do we need to pay attention to these? What does the research say?
June 29
Lynne Nelson
Direct assessment of student learning (e.g. real time assessment, clinical mini-CEX exams used in medical schools)
Additional Article
July 13
Suzanne Kurtz
Providing Effective Feedback
July 20
Susan Matthew & Julie Noyes
Writing learning outcomes/objectives – for a course, your section of a course or a program
July 27
Erika Offerdahl
Active Learning - The Flipped Classroom: an intro/overview

For details on previous years:

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