Teaching Academy

Professional Development Travel Grant

The College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) Teaching Academy Professional Development Travel Grant is designed to enhance the knowledge, skills, and abilities of faculty and staff in a manner that will improve teaching and learning in the WSU CVM and/or promote professional development in teaching.

The program does not support applications for research funding or equipment. Currently, only active members of the TA may apply for the Professional Development Travel Grant.


The funds available in any year and/or academic terms are limited. If a request is approved, the amount will depend on the funds available from the unit, the benefit of such training to the college community as a whole, and the relevance of the training to the individual’s career path. Each member is encouraged to seek additional funding from units and other sources when necessary.


Completed applications, including all materials and signatures, must be submitted at least 6 weeks prior to the event. Applications will not be funded retroactively

Overview- view specific guidelines - in order to fill out an application

Phil Mixter explaining poster

Funds will be distributed on a year and/or term basis. Approval of all applications is dependent on available funds.

Active TA members are eligible to be awarded only one request each academic year. Priority will be given to those who have been actively engaged in the Academy and who has not been previously (or recently) funded by the program.

The Review Committee will review all applications and recommend appropriate levels of funding for proposals which meet the guidelines.

The applicant must document the professional development opportunity’s anticipated impact on the improvement of teaching and learning.

Applicants are expected to seek cost-effective travel arrangements.

Travel requests are greatly restricted to the continental United States. In exceptional circumstances, international travel will be considered, especially if matching funds can be provided and if the applicant is presenting.

A detailed budget is required.

The grant has the potential to fund:

  • Travel, registration/course fees, hotel expenses, and ground transportation.

A brief report and presentation detailing the activity and benefits of the professional development to the individual and the community is to be submitted to the Teaching Academy within the next academic semester.

  • The report is required for future eligibility in the program and dissemination to the TA membership


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