Lindsay Roitman

Lindsay Roitman implements and manages strategic communications, public affairs policies, fundraising, and other key initiatives for corporations, national political organizations, and philanthropic groups. Since 2019, she has been the director of Microsoft’s MSPAC, a committee responsible for oversight of Microsoft’s political spending. Prior to this role, she was senior philanthropy director for the Climate Leadership Initiative, a nonprofit committed to accelerating climate solutions. From 2015-16, she served as the Northwest deputy national finance director for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and was the finance director for Washington Sen. Maria Cantwell’s campaign from 2011-13. She has been a senior advisor and vice president of development for the American Association for Justice, an organization dedicated to protecting civil justice. As senior technical recruiter at Microsoft from 1999-2005, Roitman helped initiate Microsoft’s Explorer Program to diversify the pool of qualified candidates for the company’s college internships by engaging women and minority students. For more than a decade, she has served as director of Powerful Voices, an organization dedicated to activism, civil justice, and leadership opportunities for girls.