Meet the Rabies Free Africa team: Dr. Imam Mzimbiri

Dr. Imam Mzimbiri standing next to a white Land Rover with Rabies Free Africa signage on it.

Dr. Imam Mzimbiri is the rabies project manager in Tanzania

Where do you live? 

Moshi, Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Why is it important to eliminate rabies? 

It is important to eliminate rabies because it’s a killer disease in humans, livestock, and wildlife in Tanzania.

Have you known anyone who has died from rabies? 

Yes, I have known several people who have died from rabies.

Can you see the program having an impact? 

Yes, I can see the program having an impact as follows:

  1. Reduced cases of rabies to almost zero in human, wildlife, and livestock in the villages under the project;
  2. Increased level of education in the community (awareness) regarding rabies in the project area;
  3. Children and teenagers in most of the villages have never seen a rabid dog.

What do you do when you are not fighting rabies? 

When I am not fighting rabies, I am doing other things like reading books, newspapers and watching TV.