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Undergraduate Neuroscience Awards

Undergraduate Neuroscience Awards 2010

Kevin John Ketcham

Neuroscience Scholarship awarded to Kevin John Ketcham

Zornes Award. Pictured from left to right: Omar Bayomy, Bryan Slinker, Kathy Zornes, Joy Zornes, Tom Zornes and Steve Simasko. Award details

Congratulations to undergraduate Neuroscience majors Derick En'Wezoh, Audrey Jensen and Alan Emanuel for winning the Campus Involvement, Community Service, and Visual/Performing Arts Big Ten Senior Awards for 2010.

From the early 1900s to the 1980s, Washington State University recognized the best five men and five women seniors. These students were called "The Big Five Men" and "The Big Five Women." The Student Alumni Ambassadors are continuing this tradition with the Big Ten Seniors award program. The most qualified five men and five women, each representing a specific aspect of the college experience, are chosen. Winners demonstrate excellence in one of these categories:

Campus Involvement
Community Service
Visual/Performing Arts

Winners were announced at the Graduate BBQ Bash on Thursday, May 6, 2010, at the Lewis Alumni Centre. Derick won in the Campus Involvement category: Nominees for this category included seniors who have been involved in ASWSU, registered student organizations, university committees, hall government, fraternities, and/or sororities. Audrey won in the Community Service category: Nominees for this category included seniors who have participated in outreach to children, senior citizens, the impoverished, women's safety, the environment, etc., and Alan won in the Visual/Performing Arts category: Nominees for this category may include painters, sculptors, graphic artists, singers, musicians, composers, actors/actresses, directors, etc...

Derick En'Wezoh and Devon Tokuno have been selected for the 2010 President’s Award.

Thirty-three undergraduate and graduate students were honored with the 2010 President’s Award for Leadership and Service at Washington State University. The students were recognized at a dinner and program Sunday, April 25, in the Compton Union Building on the WSU Pullman campus.

Since 1996, the President’s Award has been bestowed annually to less than one percent of the university’s undergraduate and graduate students who exemplify exceptional leadership and service to the university and the community. Students are selected based on their leadership and engagement consistent with the university’s values of inquiry and innovation, character, teamwork and diversity. List of all Awardees.

Neuroscience Endowed Scholarship winners: Jessamyn Dahmen, Tin Yan Lee and Patricia Moore.

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