Recognition Awards

Zoetis (formerly Carl Norden) Distinguished Teacher Award



This award is sponsored by Zoetis and recognizes outstanding teachers who have contributed significantly to the advancement of the profession through their teaching abilities. The recipient of this award is selected by the fourth year class.

How the award works:

Each spring, the graduating 4th year students are tasked as follows:

The Zoetis Distinguished Teaching Award goes to a teacher who you feel, through his or her ability, dedication, character and leadership, has contributed significantly to the veterinary profession, as well as to the education of you and your classmates.

Who made the biggest and most important impact on you and your Class?

It’s very important that you consider ALL of your teachers – think back to first, second, and third year as well as your clinical experience when casting your vote.

The recipient will receive an engraved plaque and a $1,000 check from Zoetis. Each college winner is then eligible to be nominated by the college for the national award.

  • Eligibility:  Nominees must be full-time members of the faculty of the College of Veterinary Medicine and engaged primarily in teaching.
  • Previous recipients do not become eligible for consideration again until the fourth year after receiving the award.

Faculty from all WIMU campuses (Pullman, Logan, and Bozeman) are eligible.

At least 50% of the graduating class MUST vote for the award to be validated.

Zoetis Distinguished Teacher Award 2018

Jen Slovak 2018 Zoetis

Dr. Jennifer Slovak

DVM, DACVIM, Assistant Professor – Small Animal Internal Medicine, Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences

Dr. Slovak is an outstanding teacher. She has previously received a Jerry Newbrey Teaching Award for excellence in teaching during the first 3 years of the core curriculum and also in 2018 a Richard Wescott Award for Excellence in Clinical Teaching. Dr. Slovak is an active member of the WSU VTH Teaching Academy and co-chairs the CVM TA’s Clinical Teaching Interest Group. She brings energy, passion, and a scholarly approach to her teaching. Dr. Slovak’s research interests include assessment methods for small animal gastroenterology disorders, mycophenolate pharmacokinetics in cats, and development of interventional techniques.

Comments contributed by members of the WSU DVM Class of 2018

  • “Dr. Slovak puts 100% into every single aspect of her job, from the medicine itself, to patient care, to teaching. It is so inspiring to see her dedication to the clients, patients, house officers, and students. She pushes students to hold themselves to that high standard as well, a standard we will all take with us as doctors. I had the pleasure of participating in two Internal Medicine rotations with Dr. Slovak, and they were the most challenging and rewarding rotations of my senior year. She is incredibly deserving of the Zoetis Distinguished Teacher Award and I am so happy to see her incredible skills and effort recognized.”
  • “Dr. Slovak tackles teaching with the same enthusiasm and skill that she brings to being a doctor. We (the students) are not just an addition to her busy day of responsibilities, but are actually seen and appreciated and given so much of her energy and drive. She pushes us to be better and believes in us every step of the way.”
  • “Dr. Slovak brings all of her energy and perfect enunciation that she has in the lecture hall into the hospital; she makes it impossible to not want to be around her. She is fast, precise, and knows the perfect balance between showing us where we stumbled while also making sure we know how we shined.”
  • “Several things strike me about Dr. Slovak. (1) She’s not afraid to be vulnerable in front of us. We had an incredibly hard week during my rotation with her. Practically every patient seemed to be dying. We all wept together while she warned us we would all have times when we’d feel we hadn’t done enough, weren’t smart enough, and didn’t deserve to be doctors. She admitted that she still has those times. It was humbling and inspiring to see her try to help us in that moment even when she was as sad as we were. (2) She cares very much for us and wants us to succeed.”
  • From a CVM colleague: “I love Dr. Slovak’s energy and growth mindset, and deeply admire how she continues to look for ways to learn, grow, and improve. She is indomitable.”

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