Strike the Great Horned Owl

Strike the Great Horned Owl

MEDIA ADVISORY: This owl was released on October 3rd, (2006) approximately 2 miles south of Colfax on Hofer road. This site has been used successfully in the past for the release of wildlife.

PULLMAN, Wash.—    A Great Horned Owl discovered injured at the baseball fields north of Colfax last August, is getting a second chance thanks to the helpful veterinarians at WSU’s College of Veterinary Medicine.
Staff members here nicknamed the owl "Strike" after discovering her hanging from the netting of a backstop. The young owl had suffered damage to her feet and was very thin. "This has been a bad year for young raptors," said Dr. Nickol Finch, who manages the exotic animals ward for the WSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital. "My theory is that the wet spring dramatically decreased the mouse population, thereby making it harder for many of these young, inexperienced hunters to find food."

Strike’s treatment has included a healthy diet, and antibiotics to help ward off any infections. After a month of treatment, she has regained full use of her feet and is ready to be returned to the skies over Colfax. "It’s exciting every time we have a chance to return an injured animal to the wild. You can’t help but be touched." said Dr. Finch.
The WSU Teaching Hospital treats thousands of injured wildlife every year at no cost to taxpayers, relying entirely on donations for support. The college’s "Adopt a Raptor" program continues to grow in popularity, with invitations going out for local donors to join in the release.

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