Bald Eagle flying

The College of Veterinary Medicine invites you, your family, school, or organization to become involved in the WSU "Sponsor-a-Raptor" program.

By becoming an "Sponsor-a-Raptor" sponsor you can help ensure these magnificent birds are provided with food, shelter, and medical care for one year.


We have many different sponsorship levels to fit your budget including:

Species Available to Sponsor

Meet the Resident Birds

Eagles: Golden Eagle

Falcons: American Kestrel

Hawks: Red Tailed Hawk

Owls: Western Screech Owl, Northern Saw Whet Owl, Great Horned Owl, Snowy Owl, Great Gray Owl, Northern Pygmy Owl, Barn Owl

Watch videos of recent raptor releases

  2017 Bald Eagle Release

For questions about giving,

Please Contact:
Kay Glaser
Associate Director of Development,

Washington State University