Student Research Symposium Oct 2006

Student Research Symposium Oct 2006

Students who were engaged in research in the College of Veterinary Medicine in 2006 presented a poster session on October 18 detailing their work. The Student Research Symposium is sponsored by Zoetis Animal Health.

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Selected Abstracts from this symposium are posted with permission of the authors.

Neurochemical characterization of peripheral nerves infected with the scrapie agent during early neuroinvasion

Cytokine Induction in the Olfactory Bulb of Mice Following Rapid Invasion of a Human Influenza Virus

Whisker Deflection Increase Interleukin-1β Immunoreactive Cells in The Barrel Field

Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone Receptor-Immunoreactive Cells Increase in the Barrel Field in Response to Whisker Deflection in Rats

Expression of an MSP1 multi-epitope protein from Anaplasma marginale for the analysis of immune responses against multimeric proteins

Willing to work? Motivation for contrafreeloading in laboratory mice

Phenotypic and gene expression differences in Listeria monocytogenes strains under different stress conditions

The Expression Of Cd1 On Equine Antigen Presenting Cells Infected With Rhodococcus Equi

Effect of gonadal steroids on the worm-running behavior of domestic chickens

Development of a virus neutralization assay using a pseudotype virus containing a luciferase reporter gene: Implications for vaccine design

Development of a Sheep Cell Culture System for the Study of Scrapie 

Comparison of Sexual Differentiation of a Sexually Dimorphic Spinal Motor Pool in Three Strains of Rats

Cannabinoid pretreatment blocks the development of tolerance to the analgesic effect of morphine injected into the periaqueductal gray

Biomechanical Model Of The Human Female Neck And Head System

Validation of Mixed-Genome Microarrays as a Method for Genetic Discrimination

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