Celebrating 125 Years
If you are alumni, faculty, staff, a student, or friend of the college, then it’s your birthday too.
1 Number of veterinary colleges in Washington state

2 Number of students in the first graduating class of 1902
5 We are the 5th oldest veterinary college in the country

125 years of the College of Veterinary Medicine

Join us this year as we celebrate the history, accomplishments, and future of the College of Veterinary Medicine. 

When we were founded in 1899, we started with a simple, single shed and a mission to train the finest veterinarians in the world. In the years since, the college – and its impact — has grown exponentially as we work toward creating a healthier world for both animals and people. 

Our legacy is not just in the nearly 7,000 veterinarians we’ve graduated who serve communities from Washington to the far reaches of the globe, but also in the numerous students and scientists we’ve trained who now are leaders in education, human and animal sciences, health, and medicine.

The college is also now home to ground-breaking research – the scope of which is felt all over the planet – and to one of the nation’s top animal disease diagnostic laboratories.