Tuition and Financial Resources

Estimating tuition and expenses, four-year cost of attendance, AAVMC cost comparison tool, financial resources.

Admission to the DVM program at Washington State University is open to all students. Tuition classification is categorized as Washington resident, Idaho resident, Montana resident, Utah resident, WICHE, or nonresident.

Estimating your tuition and expenses

For financial planning, students can find an estimated annual cost of attendance for resident and nonresident students. Attendance costs may change annually. Information is provided for planning purposes only.

Montana State and Utah State tuition is comparable to WSU’s tuition. WICHE students may be eligible for financial support from their home state.

Nonresidents who come to WSU all four years may be eligible to change their residency after their first year. Nonresidents who start at Utah State University will not be able to change their residency after they are accepted to the program. International nonresident students can find more information on the WSU International Student Residency page.

Estimated four-year cost of attendance

Resident stateCost of attendance
Washington, Idaho and WICHE states$207,688
Nonresident (WSU)*$243,292
Nonresident (Utah State University)*$291,294
*We admit 35 nonresidents to our professional veterinary medical education program and 10 begin at Utah State University.
Fourth-year veterinary students will pay an additional tuition fee calculated as a percentage of the base tuition; the amount will be the same for all students regardless of residency status.

AAVMC cost comparison tool

American Association of Veterinary Medical Colleges developed a cost comparison tool to help prospective students further develop a financial plan for veterinary school. The tool has several key pieces of financial data that should be considered when applying to veterinary school.

Financial resources

If you’re a current DVM student, log in to the college’s internal web to see additional available financial resources.

Financial aid

Fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to be considered for all types of financial aid. Utah residents should request that reports be sent to Utah State University and WSU. Montana residents should request that reports be sent to Montana State University and WSU.

For more information about available financial resources or for assistance, visit Student Financial Services.


College scholarships are available to incoming first-year students and second-, third-, and fourth-year students. More than 90% of our DVM students receive some type of scholarship assistance from the College of Veterinary Medicine during their four years in our program.

Students may also apply for external scholarships. See External Veterinary Student Scholarship Opportunities.