Abby Hayden

Abby outside the Teaching Hospital.

Class: 2026
Residency: Washington
At what campus did you start the program? Pullman
Undergrad: Washington State University
Ambassador: 2023-2024

What are your main areas of interest in the field of veterinary medicine?

  • Ag animal
  • Equine
  • Large animal

Please list any clubs/organizations you are currently involved with:

  • Ag Animal Club
  • Student Chapter of the American Association of Equine Practitioners

What do you think makes our program special or unique?

I think something that makes our program so special is the variety of clubs, extracurriculars and other forms of involvement that take place every day. From radiology rounds, raptor club, theriogenology club, and employment opportunities, there are so many ways to get involved within a specific area of interest, as well as also branching out into other areas!

Something else I have discovered about this program is how much the faculty and staff are invested in us as students. Each faculty and staff member really wants us to succeed and provide us with so many opportunities to connect with them outside of class. They are just as excited about our learning as we are!

What experiences in our program have been the most meaningful so far?

One really meaningful experience that I have had in this program so far was COLE orientation before first year. Besides the fun activities we got to do, it was a very impactful time for me in regards to getting to know my classmates. As we spend almost every day together for 4 years, having bonding experiences together is so important.

Abby crouched down next to a Holstein calf. Abby is very happy, the calf is rather annoyed.

To maintain school/life balance I:

Manage my time well! Vet school can be very overwhelming if you let it, so it’s important to find time to engage in activities outside of school to unwind!