WSU Center for Reproductive Biology

Become a member

Are you interested in becoming a member of the WSU Center of Reproductive Biology?  See membership benefits and how to apply to be a member.

Membership benefits

  • Adjunct/affiliate faculty appointment in the center.
  • Reduced rates for services offered by our core laboratories to match federal rate requirements.
  • Access to histology equipment at reduced rates.
  • Increased access to world renowned researchers.
  • Your trainees have access to several travel awards through competitive poster/oral presentations at center activities.
  • Your trainees will receive a paid membership to the Society for the Study of Reproduction, if they participate in the poster/oral presentation competition at the annual retreat.

Application process

Applicant’s research should be directly related to an aspect of reproductive sciences.

  1. Email Carolyn Emerson with a short message detailing the relation of your research to reproductive sciences. Indicate you will be able to comply with the membership requirements listed below.
  2. Please attach a copy of your CV to the email.

Membership requirements

  • Interactions/collaboration with fellow center members.
  • Attendance/participation in center activities, at least 3 times per year. Activities include seminars, annual retreat, trainee symposium, faculty meetings.
  • Your trainees are required to participate in center activities and may be asked to assist the center coordinator at events.
  • Acknowledge membership by citing the center in your address and publications.
  • Respond to all emails sent from the center coordinator in a timely manner and provide all information requested.
  • Although not required, it is strongly recommended each center member also join the Society for the Study of Reproduction.
  • Attend and participate in the Northwest Reproductive Sciences Symposium.

We look forward to your response and acceptance of the membership requirements. A final determination of your membership status will be communicated to you within two weeks of receiving your response.