Small black terrier in the arms of it's owner while it's ears are being examined by a veterinarian.
Community Outreach
One Health Clinic
A place where people with pets can access medical and veterinary care at the same time

One Health Clinic

The One Health Clinic, a partnership between Washington State University and the University of Washington, provides care to people experiencing homelessness and their pets.

WSU veterinarian Dr. Katie Kuehl and veterinary students team up with a nurse practitioner from Neighborcare Health and University of Washington medical, nursing, social work, public health and pharmacy students twice a month to provide care to young adults experiencing homelessness and pets.

When medical care is offered to people and pets, all members of the family unit are healthier—whether they have two legs or four.

The One Health Clinic, a first step in determining the need for animal care services for people facing homelessness in Seattle and King County, is currently based at New Horizons, a Seattle shelter for youth experiencing homelessness. 

To learn when the next clinic will be held, visit the Facebook page @onehealthclinic.

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