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Wildlife Rehabilitation Center
Providing compassionate, professional resources and around-the-clock emergency care to wildlife since 1981

Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

Washington State University’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital is one of the only 24-hour emergency services for wildlife rehabilitation in Washington east of the Cascades. More than 500 injured or orphaned wildlife are brought to WSU from throughout the Pacific Northwest every year.

WSU is a federally- and state-licensed wildlife rehabilitation center able to provide care to all native wildlife.

Raptor rehabilitation

Our veterinarians treat approximately 100 sick and injured raptors every year that may have been hit by automobiles, burned by power lines, poisoned, or found down for unknown reasons.

We provide medical care, food, and shelter to sick or injured birds, including eagles, falcons, hawks, and owls, with the goal of successfully retuning them to the wild whenever possible.

Many resident birds are cared for at the college and participate in public education programs through the WSU Raptor Club, a nonprofit volunteer organization founded in 1981.

Found injured wildlife? Call first.

It is easy to mistake healthy wildlife for one that may be orphaned or injured.

If you find an injured raptor or other wildlife, seek help from a local wildlife agent or veterinarian, or call the WSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital 24-hour WSU wildlife hotline at 509-335-0711 for information on how to tell if an animal is truly orphaned and how best to help.

Become a wildlife veterinarian

We train veterinary students and interns in clinical wildlife medicine.

First- through third-year veterinary students have the opportunity to volunteer for the wildlife triage team to assist in round-the-clock care and gain hands-on wildlife experience.

Partners 4 Wildlife logo.

WSU is a member institute of the Partners for Wildlife initiative.

Wildlife news

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