Dr. William and Margaret (Love) McAndrew

Dr. William and Margaret (Love) McAndrew led the way in spirit, talent and enterprise. A Harvard graduate, “Dr. Bill” was a humble and skilled surgeon in the NW and very much a WSU supporter. He was a donor, dreamer and doer, displaying these capacities through his heart for helping others. His dedication extended to athletic pursuits, parenting 5 children and pioneering the Columbia Gorge Appellation as he and his wife, Margaret, built Celilo Vineyards – one of the first and most successful vineyards in the Gorge. Along with his practice, planting vines, community support, and various adventures, you could find him tending to animals as they were brought into his life through one of his children or his loving wife. If the need arose to stich up a 4H horse or carry a lonely rescue parrot upon his shoulder while shopping, he would. He was an interesting, talented and good man.

A graduate of WSU, Margaret was an artist in all respects with rich roots in the state of Washington. Margaret’s legacy of “Love” reflects her family’s generations of WSU graduates that extend to the hard-working homesteaders of Eastern Washington and the first years of Washington State Agricultural College. Like her husband, she was one who thought outside the box, appreciated the land and its animals, and saw the world in its beauty and need. Margaret, a former teacher of art at King’s High School, Enumclaw High School, Edmonds-Woodway High School and Madrona Elementary, had a deep love for the Lord. Her love extended into a role she grew into as an official rescuer of animals in the Puget Sound Region. Amidst her professional activity, Margaret orchestrated the raising of 5 children – 3 of whom attended WSU – while also participating in strengthening her community alongside her husband.

William and Margaret’s combined spirit, talent, love for animals and the environment, pursuit of family, and desire to be Godly stewards, cascaded into various enterprises and their home. As recalled by friends and family, “Visiting William and Margaret’s magical menagerie of rescued animals, busy children, art, boxes of ‘to-do’s’ and never-ending lists of ‘work to be done’ was . . . a memorable and cherished experience.”

It is in the nature of these two fine human beings, that their family establishes the “Dr. William and Margaret (Love) McAndrew CVM Student Clubs Endowment”. Both William and Margaret expressed a desire to pass something along to future generations. Unable to live out all their dreams, this gift is given with love and good heart as an extension to those possessing a passion for service to others in areas William and Margaret held dear.

We, the family of Dr. William and Margaret (Love) McAndrew, encourage the recipients of these funds to continue to dream about and pursue making a difference in this world — whether that means through the animals that are an integral part of an economy or through the plants that grow upon the land. Use your talents, recipients, and may you remain humble enough to recognize all good things simply pass through one to another. God is good.

Give now to the Dr. William and Margaret (Love) McAndrew CVM Student Clubs Endowment Fund.