Molecular Biosciences Undergraduate Certificate

Students who earn a molecular biosciences undergraduate certificate will be well prepared for careers in nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and private sector businesses.  

The interdisciplinary science training provides a foundation in genetics, microbiology, and biochemistry, and students will learn how to use these disciplines to make informed decisions about current societal issues. 

Who should earn the certificate?*

  • Students with a general interest in science and diverse backgrounds, including those majoring in business, communication, anthropology, and criminal justice
  • Students in non-biological science disciplines, such as physics, chemistry, mathematics, or engineering
  • Working professionals who seek retraining or additional training
  • Middle and high school science teachers who require continuing education for accreditation

*School of Molecular Bioscience undergraduate majors (biochemistry, microbiology, or genetics and cell biology) are not eligible for the certificate.

To apply or for questions about the program, please contact Robin Durfee, undergraduate academic coordinator in the School of Molecular Biosciences.

About the school

The School of Molecular Biosciences offers undergraduate through postdoctoral education in biochemistry, genetics and cell biology, and microbiology. Beginning their first year, students have the opportunity to work with leading faculty to gain hands-on research experience.