Veterinary Paraprofessional Certificate

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The Veterinary Paraprofessional Certificate program combines online learning and hands-on, side-by-side training with veterinarians.  

By earning a veterinary paraprofessional certificate, you will be well prepared for a position in a veterinary clinic or hospital that enhances patient care and client support. Our program provides the flexibility to learn anytime and anywhere.

Who should earn the certificate?

  • Anyone who wants to work in the veterinary profession
  • Undergraduate students who want to gain clinic experience before applying to veterinary school
  • Veterinary clinic employees who want to gain new skills
  • Retirees or people re-entering the workforce

What do veterinary paraprofessionals do?

  • Perform work to support veterinarians and veterinary technicians 
  • Act as liaisons between the veterinarian and the client
  • Promote the human-animal bond and maintain quality patient care  

Certificates we offer

Veterinary scribe  

In human medicine, medical scribes support physicians by documenting patient history, physical exam findings, assessments, treatment plans, billing, and discharges.

  • Watch an example of what you might be doing as a scribe – example 1
  • See how scribes work in veterinary medicine – example 2

At the completion of this certificate, students will have the skills necessary to transcribe the veterinary medical visit, communicate effectively with clients and colleagues, and support members of the veterinary health care team to:

  • Enhance patient care
  • Support the health care team 
  • Increase client satisfaction by allowing the physicians to devote their full attention to patient care

Admission criteria

  • High school diploma or equivalent

Program of study

  • Asynchronous online learning in:
    • Basic anatomy
    • Veterinary medical terminology (physical exams, diagnostics, pharmacology)
    • Documenting and charting medical records
    • Audience-appropriate language for communicating with colleagues and clients
  • 100-hour in-person practicum
    • Supervised work experience with veterinarians and veterinary technicians in a clinical setting

Already work as an assistant in a veterinary office? Ask your employer about supporting your tuition costs so you can increase your skillset and be a more valuable employee.

Paraprofessional news

Questions about the program? Contact Hilary Koenigs, assistant director of the veterinary paraprofessional program.