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Simulation-Based Education
Clinical Simulation Center
Hands-on simulated veterinary training from basic suturing to emergency room situations

Clinical Simulation Center

The Clinical Simulation Center is open to all WSU veterinary students, interns, residents, and faculty. Students and veterinarians have access to some of the most advanced medical models to learn new skills and polish current skills. The center provides a positive, enriching, and supportive educational environment for the advancement of veterinary care.

Simulation is used routinely to train human medical doctors, and WSU is a leader in advancing technical and clinical knowledge simulation training for veterinarians to improve care for veterinary patients.

Ellen Harris

Simulation-based education has been a foundational part of my education at WSU. I learned so much about problem solving, receiving and applying feedback, and building a community within a larger community.

–Ellen Harris, ’23 DVM

Immersive simulation

Students in the simulated operating room learn how to prepare a patient for anesthesia, intubate patients for breathing ventilators, perform surgical procedures, and learn what to do if the patient has a medical emergency. After a simulation, feedback is given to the student or veterinarian.

Students practice their surgical skills using models & task-trainers in SBE’s Clinical Simulation Center

Clinical skills

Voluntary, semi-structured learning environments guided by trained peer teaching assistants to develop and enhance surgical and diagnostic skills  

Students learn veterinary CPR and basic life-support with Simulation-Based Education.

Small animal

From CPR response drills using a resuscitation model with heart and lung sounds to advanced simulation in an emergency or operating room


From equine colic, restraint, bandaging, safe positioning, emergency care training to safely moving a downed horse with a life-sized, 800-pound model


Life-sized cow model with calf to practice obstructed births, safely pulling the calf from the cow, and lactation health examinations

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WSU’s College of Veterinary Medicine has the nation’s first simulation program accredited by the Society for Simulation in Healthcare with a focus on veterinary medicine.

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