Transfer Students

Transfers into our four-year veterinary program are rare and based on openings within our current classes.

If an opening becomes available, top candidates will be contacted. Preference is given to residents of our regional partner states (Washington, Idaho, and Montana).

Completed transfer applications will remain active for one academic year.

Eligibility requirements

  • Have successfully completed at least one year (equivalent of two semesters) of the veterinary curriculum at an AVMA-accredited college of veterinary medicine.

Transfer application process

Submit the following to the DVM Director of Admissions.

  • A letter explaining why you wish to transfer. Include in the letter the semester and year you wish to enter the WSU program and your legal state of residence (preference is given to students from Washington, Idaho, and Montana).
  • Official academic transcripts from your current veterinary school, as well as all undergraduate and graduate institutions, and provide proof of completion of all WSU prerequisite coursework.
  • A letter of character and academic reference (including class rank and cumulative GPA) from the associate dean of students of your current veterinary school.
  • Three letters of reference from faculty instructors from your current veterinary school.
  • A curriculum vitae that includes non-academic factors listed on our admissions requirement page.
  • Contact information (legal name, phone, email, current mailing address) and date of birth.