Emma Sells

Emma outside Bustad Hall.

Class: 2026
Residency: Idaho
Undergrad: University of Idaho
Ambassador: 2022-2023

What are your main areas of interest in the field of veterinary medicine?

  • Large animal
  • Research

Extracurricular opportunities:

What do you wish you knew before vet school?

While of course these classes are harder, your professors truly want you to succeed. Just remember that you were chosen to be in the program for a reason; everyone will feel imposter syndrome at some point, so remember that you’re not alone!

Close up image of Emma working in a lab.

What is your favorite spot to study on campus?

I love the anatomy museum and adjoining rooms, it’s nice to have the specimens available while you study (even for classes other than anatomy) because they usually overlap in some way.

What do you think makes our program special or unique?

I think that WSU CVM is unique for the opportunities it presents to students to gain hands-on skills both inside and outside of the classroom.

Within my first week of classes, I was already learning how to suture, practicing scrubbing into surgery, and engaging with the anatomy museum to help build my fundamental understanding of animal function and structure.

I also think that the community at WSU is incredibly unique, with a guided approach to focusing on student success and creating veterinarians who not only know the material but are able to adequately engage with clientele and develop their critical thinking skills.

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