Maddy Boehland

Class: 2025
Residency: Idaho
At what campus did you start the DVM program: Pullman
Undergrad: Washington State University
Ambassador: 2023-2024, 2022-2023

What are your main areas of interest in the field of veterinary medicine?

  • Small animal
  • Shelter medicine
  • Low income
Maddie holding and kissing a small mixed breed dog.

Extracurricular opportunities:

  • Feline Club
  • Veterinary Law and Ethics Club
  • Shelter Med Club
  • SAVMA- Fundraising Chair

To maintain school/life balance I:

Hang out with friends with- NO SCHOOL TALK!

WIMU faculty are:

Lovely humans who want us to succeed!

Club opportunities are:

Plentiful and super fun! You get to learn things outside of the curriculum in new places.