Madison Rawls

Class: 2024
Residency: Arizona
Undergrad: University of Arizona
Ambassador: 2022-2023

What are your main areas of interest in the field of veterinary medicine?

  • Public health
  • Large animal
  • Mixed animal

Extracurricular opportunities:

  • One Health Club
  • Dental Club
  • Radiology Club Treasurer
  • Clinical Pathology timeslip job
  • Radiology timeslip job

What do you do to maintain school/life balance?

Find time to pursue hobbies even when feeling a little unenthusiastic because I know I’ll enjoy them. I never should be putting in 40+ hours for an exam, emphasize learning over grades.

What do you wish you knew before vet school?

That I would change what I wanted to specialize in a bunch!

What experiences in our program have been the most meaningful so far?

  • Working within the clinical pathology and radiology lab prepared me for 2nd year curriculum
  • Being an ambassador during my second year helped me improve my communication skills and allowed me to develop a sense of community between myself and incoming classes
  • Participation in clubs such as one health, radiology and dentistry has given me more opportunities to learn within those areas of interest and network with other students and professionals that share that similar interests

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