Meet the Class of 2023: Braden Corigliano

Braden carrying a very young calf in the Veterinary Teaching Hospital.

Braden Corigliano enjoyed WSU’s agricultural animal rotation so much he took it three times, including as his Student Initiated Professional Experience (SIPE).

After graduation in May, Braden plans to put those skills he learned in the barn and throughout the Veterinary Teaching Hospital to work at Deer Park Veterinary Clinic, a mixed animal practice in Deer Park, Washington.

“From the open skills labs to advance surgical skills to the communication labs that help you learn and develop ways of navigating both simple and complex topics, there are many rotations during the fourth year that allow for a very student-oriented, hands-on approach to medicine,” Braden said.

Conveniently, Deer Park Veterinary Clinic is just a 40-minute drive to Braden’s hometown of Greenacres, Washington, where he grew up fishing, wake surfing, playing with his dog, and hunting nearby.

Braden said he’s looking forward to spending time with his wife and their high-energy 11-year-young black Labrador, Lylah, but the network of people at WSU – along with the sunsets and early morning basketball games with his fellow veterinary students – will be missed.

“The community that is present within the WSU veterinary program is unmatched,” he said. “The study groups that are formed and the ability to develop relationships with classmates is unique and makes learning veterinary medicine that much more enjoyable.”

Braden said he especially enjoys veterinary medicine because of how treating patients impacts their owners.

“We have the opportunity to work with and treat both companion animals and food production animals, some of which are the owner’s livelihood, so treating the patient and doing what’s best for its health can often indirectly help the owner. I find that aspect of veterinary medicine very attractive,” Braden said.